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  1. I just sent this to Kurtis Ming @ KOVR in Sacramento. Kurtis is a top-notch consumer affairs reporter who covered Lorena Velasco and her ordeal with She's a Home Wrecker on January 27:

    Please feel free to forward this to any media outlet that has been covering She's a Home Wrecker.

    To: "Kurtis Ming" <>

    Subject: Time for a follow-up on your report on She's a Homewrecker?

    In the 1.5 months since your report on Lorena Velasco's ordeal with She's a HomeWrecker (, there's been a lot happening behind the scenes on a couple sites.

    First and foremost is that there is no such person as Ariella Alexander. This was first noted by Kate Dries at, who linked her to a company named Strong Arm Bail Bonds operated by a woman named Joy Marielle Tobon. Joy Tobon is a deadbeat with a minor criminal history who associates with far worse male criminals. If you look up the Maryland corporate info on Strong Arm Bail Bond at this site:

    You will find that Strong Arm Bail Bonds, LLC, was shut down in 2012 for
    failure to file property tax returns. It appears that the business name
    subsequently was sold to another party who is now doing business as
    Prestige Bail Bonds.

    A more readable copy of the corporate papers for Strong Arm Bail Bonds can be found here:


    Strong Arm Bail Bonds was incorporated in 2008 by Joy Marielle Tobon and Charles Rivela Wudtee III, a convicted felon with a lengthy criminal history who at the time appears to have been on work release for narcotics trafficing. A few months later he was approved for home detention, presumably to help operate the bail bond busines out of Joy Tobon's home at 9629 Baron Place, Baltimore, MD. You will find a detailed history of the criminal and civil litigation involving Charles Rivela Wudtee III here:


    Although the principal place of business for Exposed by Ariella, LLC, is
    Joy Tobon's home address, the registered agent is Nikolay Zakharyan.

    Nikolay Zakharyan (web site: -- note .co, not .com) is one of 11 Russian crime family members arrested/indicted in Baltimore in December as part of a $6.1M cigarette and drug smuggling operation:

    Maryland court records (both criminal & civil) can be searched here:

    I haven't yet documented Nikolay Zakharyan's lesser criminal escapades at shesahomewrecker.NET, but at a mere 23 years of age, a court records search for Nikolay Zakharyan already shows a considerable number of issues, such as suspensions, giving false information at an accident, 100 in 55, providing alcohol to minors, etc.

    Joy Tobon herself (aside from having her business shut down for failure to
    file/pay taxes) has been the defendant in 4 civil suits resulting in 3
    judgements, one apparent settlement and two lien recordations.

    She's also been the subject of a restraining order, and was charged with
    assault & destruction of property in an apparent altercation with another

    The timing of her divorce (also in the MD court records) from Hernan Luis
    Tobon and her claim to have been in love with "John", her serial cheater,
    for eight years suggest that she was involved with "John" before her own
    divorce was final. She's a homewrecker herself! It's entirely conceivable that Joy Tobon herself has been the side chick if it drug out for 8 years. And seriously, considering the criminal records of the adult males in her life, the woman needs to pick some better partners.

    Going back farther in time, a search of New York civil court records
    ( for her maiden name,
    Joy L'Hommedieu, shows that at one point she was even sued by her own
    mother, Marlene L'Hommedieu.

    If you research the domain ownerships, you'll find a number of related
    domains for which registration proxies aren't allowed in the name of
    Robert Carraher of Baltimore, MD. Robert Carraher has an extensive
    criminal history in the Maryland court records for such charges as
    assault, theft, burlary, firearms. His Facebook pages shows Strong Arm
    Bail Bonds as a friend, and he is listed prominately as one of the top friends on the FB page of Strong Arm Bail Bonds (still Joy Tobon's FB page). Robert Carraher is apparently a bit of a misogynist: One of his web projects was Smack a Bitch. I've documented Robert Carraher's complete criminal history here:


    In the past month, She's a Homewrecker has been terminated by several
    reputable advertising networks: AdSense (twice), Lijit/Sovrn and
    ClickBank. After AdSense shut down their original acccount, they tried to
    use a publisher ID from a different defunct site; that, too, was shut down

    Most of the the ads that you see on She's a Homewrecker today are dead
    ClickBank links. Only two real ads appear to be active, the more
    significant of which is the arrest records search, which clicks through to
    "". Consumer Affairs & Ripoff Report have over 500
    mostly very negative reports on this site. Facebook wouldn't even let me
    post the link to it because it was a dangerous link. They're also running affilate ads to sell cell phone spy software.

    You'll find more info about our efforts to remove this plague at these two


    We've also identified the ISP hosting the site ( and provided
    detailed instructions for filing "DMCA takedown notices" for situations
    where a She's a Homewrecker victim has a legitimate copyright interest and
    can demand that her photos (often lewd and pornographic) be removed:




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